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Vintage Edition

Candlelight with a touch of history..


Who We Are

Embracing unity and exploration through candles and scents

About deRadiX

deRadiX believes great things happen when people unite, cherish their roots, and explore diverse cultures. We create candles and organize workshops to help individuals connect. Our mission is to nurture our shared journey toward a more prosperous and connected world.

Blocks of coconut wax stacked on each other.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around unity between people and our Planet. Every eco-friendly choice we make is a testament to this love. We're committed to sustainability and use only premium, eco-friendly ingredients that are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and compliant with regulations. Our candles are made from a natural blend of coconut wax, soy, and apricot oil. They do not contain harmful substances like parabens and phthalates and meet the rigorous safety standards set by the European Union, which are known to be more stringent than those in the US.

How We Roll

Natural, Clean & Non-toxic

We're passionate about crafting products with a commitment to eco-consciousness. We use premium ingredients like natural coconut apricot wax and source clean, non-toxic scents from different areas of the world.

Reuse and Recycle

Sustainability is close to our hearts. We encourage repurposing our candle containers, adding a sustainable, personalized touch to your home décor. We offer a unique eco-friendly twist - refill options for these timeless items.

Innovative Approach

We're always on the lookout for exciting new products, collections, and scents. Our innovative spirit leads us to blend scents from different corners of the world, creating entirely unique experiences for you to explore and enjoy.

A photo of the end of a forest trail, where the trees meet to form a heart shape as the exit to the a grassy field ahead.

Our Story

Born in Los Angeles from a godmother-goddaughter connection that embodies the power of personal bonds and exploration. We started this journey by creating the Vintage collection and transforming unique decor pieces that we found in small towns throughout California into beautiful candles that tell stories. Observing how we could "travel" by gathering diverse decor pieces and oils sourced from different points of the world - we started creating the Wordly Collection (coming soon) that features scents authentically sourced from various locations worldwide to develop a sense of belonging. Always passionately sharing our interest in the candle journey with friends and family, we brought people together for our off-site candle-making workshops to connect with the community in an artsy and hands-on way and hopefully lighten up more warmth and love in this world. At our core, we are explorers continuously discovering and sharing beauty. Our mission is to help individuals connect through authentic scents, candle workshops, art, and decor.

We will be delighted to share this exciting journey with you!

With love,


Vintage treasures for your home

Discover a curated collection of one-of-a-kind vintage candles, where each piece has a story to tell.

Clawfoot Bathtub

13oz Candle Silver Plated Bath - Fresh Lily
$ 50.00 USD

Dream Boat

28oz Candle 50's Era Boat - Basil Leaf
$ 100.00 USD

Secret Egg

2 oz Candle Vintage Ring Case - Rose Musk
$ 38.00 USD

Eight candles, eight worlds in a jar.

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